Look Around

We come across new ideas and new opportunities every day. These can be from our team who see how technologies being used in one space can be leveraged in another, or simple observations about how new tech can solve old tech's problems. Perhaps the most exciting though are the breakthroughs that come through serendipity. Where a collection of data points and experiences all converge into a single aha moment that captures a new trend or new opportunity. Here are just some of the things we follow that help us come up with our neXGen ideas.


Fintech is an industry we love. It’s one of the big three industries that power the economy - Energy, Healthcare and Finance. These giant industry sectors offer great opportunities for ideas that can streamline process and introduce efficiencies into repetitive, mundane and/or dangerous tasks. Typically these industries are behind the technology curve and are ripe for big ideas that scale.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality represent two technologies that provide a fundamental change in how we use devices around us. These technologies however have yet to go mainstream. What they need is a single killer app that is so easy to use and compelling in its story that everyone has to use it. We may not be there yet, but these technologies are still around and we believe they will make their way into broader applications as bandwidth and mobility improve.


As the cryptocurrency mania begins to recede, the underlying blockchain technology presents a host of new opportunities that could revolutionize business across multiple industries. Specifically, the adoption of smart contracts that create an immutable single source of truth. We see use cases in nearly every industry, from healthcare and banking, to energy and real estate. It's a big idea that has many moving parts and challenges, but one that offers great potential. At XGenLabs we follow this industry closely and have built several blockchain solutions on a variety of platforms, from Ethereum to Hyperledger and Corda R3.

Gig Economy

The last several years has seen the rise of the gig economy where people are using technology platforms to connect customers directly to providers. We love this model as it removes the middleman from transactions and also offers greater freedom and choice to the buyer and seller. Understanding that people can now go direct to the source opens up a whole new world of how to connect people directly. This affects not just those looking for a ride or place to crash, but also those looking to distribute content or promote themselves. We see the gig economy as a huge transitional shift in how things get done and how people get paid.

Social Distancing

2020 will be a year we never forget. The entire world is in lock down as they fight this invisible enemy that is destroying lives and ruining economies. What will the new world look like. People will be afraid to go out, to sit next to others, to travel. This presents tremendous opportunities on how technology can be used to help bridge the social gap that is no doubt going to occur. At XGenLabs we see our Cosmos platform as being able to help. With people staying at home, how do people that have made their living singing, acting or entertaining in front of others going to continue. How do you go from the stage to the sofa. All big ideas that can go even bigger.