Welcome to XGenLabs

We're a technology incubator that invests in big ideas that are looking to go bigger. Our team of developers, researchers and product managers work on projects that we think can make a difference. If you think you have a big idea and need help making it real, feel free to reach out.

The XGen Difference

Not all ideas are equal, but at XGenLabs we believe all ideas are big and have the potential to be great. We back this up with our own commitment to every project we take on - investing our own time and money to make sure we get it right. As a team of Gen X developers, we have had the privilege to be involved with some amazing technologies over the last 20-30 years. From streaming video to online mapping to RFID and blockchain. Those ideas that become successful all shared a common theme – leveraging emerging technologies to be at the forefront of new trends. When these two combined, business and industries get disrupted – and these are ideas worth investing in.

Idea Drivers


No surprise, we're a technology incubator, so any idea that leverages the latest tech will immediately peak our interest. Over the years we have worked in encryption technology, augmented and virtual reality, location intelligence and blockchain development. We've also dabbled in hardware with the development of 3D scanning technology and microprocessors to control drones and various hardware devices.


For an idea to go big there has to be market trends or indicators that show the convergence of a business pain or need that fits an emerging technology. Great examples are peer-to-peer lending and blockchain that grew out of the 2008 financial crash. The sharing economy that disintermediated entire industries and the rise of social media that gave everyone a voice and a face on the internet.