Our Projects

The current projects all represent big ideas that we're hoping will have a bright future. Not all are destined for greatness, some may fail, some may go big - but all will form the foundation of what is to come.

Cosmos is a virtual currency and rewards platform designed to help content creators, merchants and organizations grow and build their businesses. Central to Cosmos is the adoption of a virtual currency, KUDOs, that people purchase and then use to pay and tip for related products and services. Sellers reward customer loyalty in KUDOs and also use KUDOs as part of their marketing and referral programs.

MusoLive is a live streaming platform where creators broadcast themselves to attract and grow their fan base. Built on the XGenLabs Cosmos platform, fans pay for access to content as well as tip creators in MUSOs to show their support and appreciation. Creators can reward this support with additional MUSOs that fans redeem for merch, events, exclusive content and even backstage meet and greets.

XGenFlix is another site that leverages the XGenLabs Cosmos platform. Built in collaboration with a leading Hollywood filmmaker, XGenFlix serves independent filmmakers that do not have the network or financial resources to promote and distribute their films. With XGenLabs Cosmos, XGenFlix is able to support these young filmmakers and give them access to a worldwide audience to showcase their creativity and vision.

An end-to-end loan origination system (LOS) used by mortgage companies and banks to help facilitate loan approvals – from lead right through to underwriting and loan on-boarding. Finlosity provides complete workflow management along with an AI based underwriting decision and rating engine.

VAPR is a social media app designed to help small and local businesses promote their products and services through the use of customized coupons. Using augmented reality coupled with location intelligence, users discover coupons and offers with the VAPR app and then redeem them at stores.

Fidicium is a neXGen technology project that is investigating the viability of using a private/public blockchain for a global rewards and loyalty payments system. Still in stealth mode, this is one of those big ideas that drives innovation at XGenLabs.